Create an account. Take two picture of yourself, one front and one from your right cheek. Now you are ready to SLAP and to be SLAPPED :) Go to main page click on Add Buddy and invite your buddies.


The goal of Buddy Slap is to slap and to be an expert. Make sure you hide not to be slapped back.


When the line under his picture is green, click on the picture of your buddy, choose a slap type and slap him by swiping the screen. When you slap your buddy, he will receive an immediate notification: a sound and a message.


Within a game both players can be in one of four states:
  1. AVAILABLE. Green line under the picture. Available players can slap and be slapped.
  2. HIDDEN. Orange line under the picture. Click on it to hide yourself. During hidden you can NOT SLAP and BE SLAPPED. You can hide from a buddy by clicking the eye icon next to your buddies image. You can also hide from all of your buddies by clicking the eye icon at the bottom left.
  3. COOLDOWN. Red line under the picture. When you slap your buddy, he starts to cool down for sometime. You can not slap him till the end of cooling down. During this time, you can hide yourself in order not be slapped back. When your buddy slaps you back his cool down period ends.
  4. ZZZ or 24 HOUR AWAY. Orange line under the picture. You may need to sleep everyday. Click on the ZZZ button and you'll be safe for 8 hours. You can ZZZ once a day. If you are really busy and you want to be away for 24 hours, click on the `24` button and be out of the game. But beware! If you use this option, Some points will be deducted from your score bar.


Slap sounds come with notifications. If you are bothered with the notification sounds, please go to Iphone Settings - Notifications - Buddy Slap - Sound on/off.